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16 days ago

Internet Discount Dropped

I was notified today that my internet bill went up from 96.00 to 115.00 per month due to my internet discount ending but then I was notified I should see what great offers they have to fit my budget. When I called the billing department to find out why the price went up, she tried to sell me something else and when I didn't bite she said OK goodbye.So they raise my rate as an incentive to buy something else. I wonder who the jack off was in their marketing department came up with that. Cox truly sucks and I can't wait until T-Mobile gets to my neighborhood so I can switch. My son has it in his neighborhood and it supports all his family's devices, tablets,  televisions, phones and internet.  Cox is so FU. 

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  • Hello.  We have a department that actually specializes with this. Please reach out to us at for assistance.


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