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2 years ago

Internet Crashed, now Wifi password wrong

My internet crashed a week or so ago, and now many of my devices are not connecting. They claim the password is incorrect. I can connect with the same password with my computer, phones, and TVs, but not Alexa or Ring devices, or Wi-fi lights. How do I fix this?

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    First, what model router do you have? A Panoramic gateway(modem/router combo)? Also did your network name change when the internet crashed? Last, try a factory reset by holding the WPS button down for up to 60seconds.

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      Also, double check and verify on the router that the 5ghz and the 2.4 ghz pwd is the same. The SSID may be the same, but I would simply retype the pwd on both to make sure there isn't a space or something that the router put in.