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Intermittent issues

Getting continue intermittent internet issues in my area.  My local HOA page has 11 other neighbors, all within just a few blocks from me, complaining about the same thing. 

You're online chat support is useless.  Tell them at least 12 houses are having issues and they start asking me if my cables are tight.  

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    Hello, we typically advise customers to check connections, as loose or damaged cables can cause signal issues and interference. I have pinged your modem several times and I'm not detecting any packet loss currently. All of your signals appear to be within range, and I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary. Are you experiencing issues on WiFi or on a hard-wired connection? Are you gaming, streaming video, or surfing the web? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      And you did exactly what I described in my post.  There are MULTIPLE people in my area constantly complaining of this same issue.  Yet, here you are, asking about my specific situation.  The INDIVIDUAL is NOT having an issue.  There is a system issue in this area.  Just today on my local HOA page, more folks complaining of intermittent issues.  These are all folks within a few blocks of me.  Between 6pm and 8pm it's hit or miss if anything internet related is going to work normally.

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        @Nevets, We did have maintenance in your area that has since finished repairs. Since you are still experiencing issues with the internet service, I recommend bypassing any routers and trying a direct to modem connection to see if the issue continues. If so, we may need to have a tech come out and take a look. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.