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4 years ago

Intermittent and non existent service in Glendale area?

We have Gigablast unlimited with the newest modem/router, already replaced 3 times. We are still having WiFi issues. Internet is on but WiFi not working they said. Had the tech on the phone checking all my settings and we were only able to connect the printer. There is a service tech arriving Saturday. It worked fine this Monday and Tuesday then nothing! We have had intermittent service for months and nothing has been done but this is the worst yet. Anyone in the Glendale area with the same issue? Several other parents had to call our schools to let them know students couldn’t get on to Cox services

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    I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing problems. I'd suggest checking for starters if the wired devices are having any connection problems. If those work that would confirm that the wifi needs to be addressed further. From this end the wireless devices are reporting fair to weak signal. Do you have the gateway installed in an open location free from immediate obstructions? I'd also suggest trying to test the wireless devices closer to the modem to see if there is improvement.