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4 years ago

Insanely low connection speeds.. Regular time outs. My ping stays through the roof

I am just going to post this here to see if Cox can do anything to fix my actual connection speeds. I never understand Cox, when we had the second best package i averaged around 100 mbps maintained connection speeds. but we were contantly having to reset the modem. So then we upgrade to the gigablast panoramic wifi BS and its worse. Not only is my upload and download speed below 100 mbps but my connection speeds have gotten so bad i have to use an ethernet cable just to get an average connection. We literally are not getting the service we pay for. We pay 110 dollars a month for wifi that is supposed to be the best but actually resembles the signal strength of a starbucks.. I guess if cox wants to help us try and fix this that would be great. Maybe we can use some of my wasted monthly payment to pay a tech to help me?

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    WiFi speeds are totally outside of Cox's control. These can be affected by many factors including the actions and equipment of your neighbors. If speeds are slow on wired connection, post your modem's signal status page and log page here so others can look at it and help you narrow down the problem.