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4 years ago

I Dont Trust Cox Nor Their Speedtest (Screenshots included)

I have had enough with the BS. First with the spikes in the service when no one was home or using service, over several months then to get rid of it I was told a ** load of times to upgrade to unlimited. All because no one from the basic reps to CCC or even higher knew why it was happening. I've have dozens upon dozens of techs in my home most saying its the cable...and they would just switch it out. I've dealt with Jennifer in corporate to get this figured out seem like she cared at first then after her break she wouldn't answer any calls so had to keep calling another department to get her attention then when in the final contact she said all was ok on her end and I told her it wasnt and set up for a new tech to come. Said it had to be Saturday or Wednesday. Work from home so it can't be any other day And I told her this. Day came waited only to have a text saying to reschedule for the next day and told them it couldn't happened. Rescheduled for next day off and nothing no one showed up.

I had enough so I've been reading with all the stuff that has happened there is enough evidence to to actually sue this company especially with the pics and logs and so forth with all this happening. This has been going on since 2018 same account one issue after another seemingly to get more money out of customers. Especially after reading a LOT of other people experiences. From the forums to a lot of review sites. 

One tech actually connected to the service and got the same speeds and then told me straight to my face he's not calling for anyone else to come out because his device said it was ok. A COX TECH TOLD ME THAT. Btw if a cox tech comes out( at least in this area) they can only run tests they arent good for anything else..found that out as well as I've had a few "cox techs" while the rest were third party hired by cox. One third party tech that came took photos of the speed tests and he didn't know why it was showing that. His cox device said all was ok, both computers in my home said otherwise. 

I downloaded ookla speedtest the one that cox uses but from the actual site.
Cox's speediest doesnt show the actual speeds
Images pixelated loading before showing on art sites 

youtube buffering videos  thats 2-4 mins longs 

During this ordeal I had bought another computer it was still the same speeds straight out the box...

Went through I believe 4-5 modems 
I'd switch but in this area the other service provider only goes up to 20mbps not enough for what I do
I did talk to some tech guys on my own time not from cox. Told them whats going on told me it was cox not the computers so. Fix the issues going on. 

my service from cox

cox speedtest 
actual speed test on same server

another from cox  sadly ooklas speedtest does not have this server on their list

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  • Hi Gojira1985. I can understand your frustration with all that you have been through. I want to help get this resolved so you can enjoy your services. Please send an email to along with this link and include your complete address and name on the account and we will be glad to get to the bottom of this. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator