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4 years ago

Horrible speed and data usage ever since Upgraded to Gigablast

This is ridiculous. I've been on chat and phone getting customer service assistance with no improvement. Keep getting told there are outages in my area just recently, etc. 
We trouble shoot and plug and reboot and unplug, nothing changes or helps? 
I have Cox pan modem (not old) and a netgear router. I've asked is it possible router needs updating or replacement? But Cox internet agent tells me no.

I am at a loss and keep getting someone suggesting I purchase MORE data because my usage is very high this month and is going to MORE than likely be over, even Over the $29.99 add-on?? Agent agrees i haven't even been close to going over for many many months now BUT cannot give me ANY insight or reason WHY i all of a sudden am going to be? When i haven't added any devices? I continually tell them, BEFORE adding additional charges willingly to my Cox bill, i think i deserve at least a reason or explanation about what's causing higher than usual data use! Am i wrong to request this? If I knew wouldn't this help me in the future! 😁

Just fed up almost ready to take business and shop around. Please, IF you can give advice or help or direct me to a Correct csr or something it would be greatly appreciated!!! 
Thank you

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    I took a look from this end and all seems well with the connection from this end although I see what look like may be a retail wireless router connected to the gateway. Because the gateway we provide has the wireless router built-in adding your own will case problems similar to what you're describing. I'd suggest removing the extra router then using the Panoramic Wifi app to monitor data usage by device to see which ones are consuming the most data.