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4 years ago

Horrible Latency Issues

Been having horrible internet issues and am unable to play any online gaming because of how choppy it is, it's frustratingly unplayable, even the simplest games. Bandwidth is fine but from what I'm seeing, the latency is all over the place. Below is a ping trace sample of a pretty standard day for me. To me this looks terrible but I'm not even sure what a good connection should look like because this has been the norm for me for so long. If anyone wants to chime in, this isn't normal, right?

I've had Cox techs come by 3 times. Each time they look at the wires and tell me everything looks fine despite all the evidence and explanations I give. Am I going crazy? It's frustrating because each time the tech doesn't even seem to know the situation when they get there so I need to fill them in from top down and go through all the little hoops explaining everything when I already did that talking on the phone.

It does look like a lot of the ping issues originate from the first hop outside of my router/modem, but I'm not a pro at this.

For added context: Everything on my end has been replaced (modem, routers, wires) and has been going on for months before the virus even arrived in the States. There are bad and then there are worse days, but I haven't been able to make a connection to a pattern such as time of day or when others are using the internet. I've had some of the worst connections even in the early AMs.

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  • Hello oliverhan,

    My apologies for the delayed response as we are experiencing a higher than normal volume due to recent storm activity in various localities. We want you to enjoy your services. Please send us an email to so that we can investigate your connection troubles. We look forward to working with you. Be sure to include this URL.


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  • Post a screenshot of your modem levels and modem log.  Your modem is the best indicator of what's going on between your house and the CMTS.

    For example, if you modem log is showing constant DRW errors, that's an issue between your modem and the CMTS.

    If you're getting T3 errors, again, that's an issue between your modem and the CMTS.

    If you're modem log is clear and your power levels look good and you're still getting latency issues, it could be an issue with your network infrastructure OR your ISP.

    Either way, your modem stats should be step 1 in troubleshooting this.

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        I looked at everything that's been shared so far and it doesn't appear the provided data is showing the issue whatever it may be. The pingplotter in your initial post appears to show ICMP de-prioritization and the modem levels do look good from this end. It might be helpful to try testing without the router to see if that makes any difference.