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4 years ago

HIGH Uncorrectables (10's of millions) on several channels and intermittent lag

I have the 300/30 internet package and has been great until a couple weeks ago Always got over 300 down and 30-35 up. Past couple weeks noticed occasional slowness with websites loading and drop in speed test results (wired) on the downstream (average about 250Mbps sometimes lower) . Tried connecting PC direct to modem and no change. Checked modem status page (Arris TM3402A) noted that 12 of the 32 channels in the downstream were showing uncorrectables in the 10's of millions and a few in the 100's of millions. In the past have always had very few (under 50-100 ) on any channel at all. Also noted that Downstream Power levels that always were in the +/- 1.5 dBmV range were now in the -2.0 to -5.5 dBmV range. Tried resetting modem as well and after a day uncorrectables back to the 10's of millions.

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    I had a similar problem a couple of years ago and had a tech come out and he said bad (outdated) cable runs and splitters. He helped me to replace the cable and connectors to the TV sets (three of them) and the TV reception on the channels that were a problem was corrected. He left me with the remaining spool of cable and I replaced the rest of the cable runs to the internet modem. Everything was fine then. It was not the cable itself, but the RF leaky connectors. I still have half a spool of cable if you need it. LOL. Connectors are not too expensive, but require a special tool to apply to the end of the cables. Highly recommended if you can do it yourself and your cable runs are a few years old.

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