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4 years ago

High ping when connecting to Dallas server - Valorant


I am getting very poor ping (~65 ms) when connecting to Dallas servers and very good ping (~30 ms) when connecting to Chicago servers while playing the PC game Valorant. I am located in Oklahoma City so Chicago is ~800 miles away and Dallas is ~250 miles away. One of my friends I play with is in OKC, using your service, and experiencing a similar situation. I play with friends that live in Texas and they are all getting low, 10-20 ms ping, as expected. I talked with Riot (Valorant Developer) and they stated this was an ISP routing issue. Is this something that can be addressed by you guys?

Follow up. Is there no way to submit help tickets? Is the forum the only way to get technical support?

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  • Hi Jake, our toll-free 24/7 tech support number is 1-800-234-3993. You may also reach out to tech support through online chat at (under Contact us). We also have Social Media channels through Twitter @coxhelp, or Facebook, or email us at

    Please feel free to reach out to us through one of these means. We are happy to help.

    Mike J.
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      I attempted to do a chat online but did not see it available on the contact page. When you click the "see contact info" link it brings up a dialog box with only the phone number. When I click "get help via live chat" off of this forum it takes me to the contact us page with no live chat anywhere. Am I missing something? 

      I could be mistaken but calling the number makes more sense to me for things like internet being down or to check signal quality. But seems a bit silly for something like my posted issue. 

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        Is this issue replicated on multiple devices for you when accessing, below Great ways to get in touch it should present Chat Online where you can click Let's Chat?

        If the issue still remains for you after clearing your device's browser cache and cookies, please share the model and software version of the device you're seeing this happen with.

        Cox Forum Support Moderator