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4 years ago

Help! Weird Throttling Issue that even has Cox stumped

Hi All,

I've noticed that I get really different speeds when speed testing through Cox's and through any other speed test (, speedofme, etc.). Now, this would be just a weird anomaly, but I think it is affecting my wife's zoom webinars. For the past couple of months (after being rock solid for years), she get an unstable internet connection in her zoom (and other webinars). When they are recorded, you can really tell the slow speed. I have a gigablast ONT from Cox, through a brand new RAX45 router (it did the same thing with the old router) to a Dell Aurora R7. However, this problem happens when I plug the ethernet directly into the ONT (by passing the modem) AND when I try to use my wife's laptop (I connect it directly to the ONT or the Router and I get the same results). One weird thing is that immediately after COX reset the modem on their end, the speed showed blazing fast speeds, then 30 seconds later I get the throttled speed. This also happens occasionally when I plug in the ethernet into the new device (for example from the desktop to the laptop), the first speed test is normal, and then the second test is pool It almost like the modem is self throttling the connection - however, when I got to another speed test, is shows fast speed. I don't recognize a slow connection under normal use. Only with the webinars.

Right now, I just ran a speedtest on and got 46.5/0.37. The upload speed is crazy slow.

I had a cox tech here this morning who thought it was "weird" and suggested I called Cox and speak to a Tier 2 or 3 person. I spoke to a rep who worked with me for a little bit and then wanted to escalate it to a supervisor. She told me that he would be calling me. I didn't receive a call.

Any ideas? I'm at a loss.....

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  • @Tallen234, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address and a brief description of this internet speed issue to so we can take a closer look. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.