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4 years ago

Got an email with this subject line: " you’re eligible to update to our most advanced gateway at no additional cost"

Is there any additional cost they aren't telling us about?   Extra monthly fees, etc?     here is the email:  


Enjoy the next
big thing in wifi

Your current gateway is not providing the full Panoramic Wifi experience. We’ll help get your outdated equipment up to speed for free.

When you update, you’ll get an even smarter Panoramic Wifi experience, with settings that automatically adjust to optimize your signal for better streaming, surfing and more—all throughout your home. And with the new Panoramic Wifi app, you get more control over your network than ever before.

Don’t wait. Upgrade today for free with Easy Connect to start taking advantage of your new gateway.

Get my gateway

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    You're "eligible" because you're renting.  The fundamental question is:  If you're happy with your current service...meaning, if it ain't broke...why "update" it?  What is the make and model of your current gateway?  Also, what is your data plan (Mbps)?

    Brian used the term "first generation” which begs another question:  How long have you been renting this gateway?  If you multiply your monthly fees by the number of months since, the cost will be quite substantial for a modem/router which only costs a few hundred dollars.

    However, you could substantiate this cost with a free upgrade during your monthly-rental fee.  That's true but this updated Panoramic router isn't very good.  Some contributors have even called it junk.  If you're renting a Panoramic, you're probably better off keeping its first generation.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Why not get out of this Panoramic cycle and buy your own equipment?  If you want to stop the rental fees, contributors on this Forum will recommend better stuff and help connect it.

  • Yes, this would be a free upgrade. It sounds like you have one of our first generation panoramic modems. This would update you to the most recent hardware for no additional cost.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator