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3 years ago

Gigablast speed? internet very slow

I month ago hurricane Ida hit New Orleans. Line going to my house went down. Since the internet was restored, it has not been the same. I have Gigablast plan. It is no way near to what it used to be. I've done the speed test. I get download speeds on average 32 Mbps (Gigablast is supposed to be up to 940 Mbps). For whatever reason closest network is in Baton Rouge (50 miles away.)  It is not even as fast as the cheapest internet plan from Cox. I've contacted Cox and chatted with them several times and the best advice they can give me is "I can try to reset your modem." I have reset my modem at least 100 times and has not helped. Does anyone have any suggestions? Cox customer service? help!

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    Hi Mbehrhorst,

    We'd be glad to take a closer look at your service. Could you send us an email to with your full name, account holders' name, street address, and details of your issue or a link to your forum post.

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    I'm in Metairie (Bucktown area) and still have issues with all my services since Ida.  Uploads are around 300-400mb (was getting 800-900mb before), and uploads are about 0.5mb.  I get terrible packet loss, TVs constantly need restarting, and phone quality is trash.  Worst part is Cox app/website says network is fine in my area.  I've already had one Cox tech come out and said he does see a network quality issues but Cox is backlogged with infrastructure repairs in the area.  So he just marked it on the report.  Two weeks later and still same issues, and they want to send another tech out.  Had this happen for about two weeks early August and was finally fixed.  However at least the app said there was any outage during that time.  Worries me that Cox says the network is fine when clearly it is not.