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5 years ago

GigaBlast Promotion

I just signed up for the GigaBlast service, increasing my speed from 100Mbs to 1Gbs... mind you with the 100Mbs plan, I would average around 45Mbs on a good day. My theory was that maybe if I pay for 1k, I'll get 500. So far I've not been able to break 220. I'm pretty bummed because I went through the trouble of getting a new modem from Motorola, which turned out to have only a single ethernet receptacle (well there are actually 4, but only 1 is usable). The support rep promised to call me back after my initial and lengthy support call... she finally got me online, but it wasn't easy. She promised to call back to check on me the next day, saying that sometimes it takes a while for the max speeds to be realized...which sounded fishy. I wasn't really surprised when I didn't get a call back (I actually try not to laugh when a rep makes this promise; whether it's from Cox or any's 100% BS every time I hear it, but I digress...)

I'm posting here today to see if anyone in the Phoenix area using the Gigablast service has actually seen download speeds anywhere near what's advertised. So far it has not been worth the trouble, nor is it worth the additional expense, even with the promotional offer.

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    Why would you need more than one Motorola cable modem port? Anyways, could you provide the following additional information:

    • Cable modem model?
    • Wired or wireless router make and model?
    • What are type of computer are you obtaining these speeds from?
    • Was the speed test over wireless or wired connection?

    Based on the information you've provided I guessing your issue could be related to your router settings.

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    I'd like to take a look at your account and see what's happening with the connection. Please send an email to: and include your full name and address. Also, please copy and paste the body of your Forums post into the email for reference.

    StephanieS - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Most...if not all...residential accounts only need 1 LAN port on a modem.  Cox allots 1 IP address to your account.  If Cox assigned multiple addresses, you would use more ports.

    You could also use multiple ports to improve higher throughput speeds.  However, the highest residential speed is 1 Gbps and anything over a Cat-4 cable can support 1 Gbps.  You only need more ports for more IP addresses or 10+ gigabit plans.