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2 years ago

Gigablast Operating at 1/3 of Advertised Speed

On Friday I upgraded my internet to Gigablast. Prior to this effort I have been operating using the hardware listed below. I have reset my modem and router, but I am observing download speeds of approximately 1/3 of the advertised speed.


- Download: 38.4 Mbps

- Upload: 29.6 Mbps


- Modem: SBG8300 (DOCSIS 3.1, 4x1 Gbps Ports)

- Router: Negear Nighthawk AX4300 (Capable of 4.3 Gbps)

- Network Cabling: Cat6

- Device network adapter capability: 867Mbps

What should I do to achieve the advertised speeds?

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    The SBG8300 is a modem/router gateway, not a stand alone modem. You should not use it with another router unless you have the gateway in bridge mode or the router in AP mode. What speed do you get wired via ethernet to the SBG8300?

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        Test with a computer connected via ethernet direct to the 8300, and no other devices connected. Boot the computer in safe mode with networking and then and then test at and see how they compare.