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5 years ago

Gigablast is intermittent and less than 100 mbs

My husband started working  from home in March. We have gigablast so theoretically he should be fine with an ethernet connection. However our ethernet and wifi speeds have been between 40 to 150. We've bought a new router, we've bought new ethernet cables and no improvement. We had a tech out here a few weeks ago, but they couldn't come into the house and said everything was fine outside. Now it's just intermittent internet period. I have another tech that still cannot come into my house coming on Monday but at this point I might as well switch to the 150 mbs level and save some money. Is there anything left to try?  

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    Hi azmom 👋 I don't work for Cox, but I have some background in computer networking.

    A few questions to help me understand your setup:

    1. What is the model of your modem?

    2. What site are you using to speed test your setup? (I normally recommend Netflix's site if I want to benchmark for max speed.)

    When I switched to Gigablast I found three issues in my own home network that caused problems getting Gigablast speeds:

    • My modem (Arris SB8200) could handle it fine, but my router couldn't handle gigabit traffic speeds. Upgrading to a better router fixed this issue for me; I noticed this was the issue when I skipped my router and wired directly to the modem using a cat 5e ethernet cable and ran a speed test.

    • The WiFi in my area is very crowded (20+ wireless networks in range) and I was seeing poor speeds when using wireless internet. There's a new draft standard (802.11ax also called "WiFi 6") that has some promising features for congested environments and I've seen significant speed increases for wireless devices that support 3x3 MIMO (like my MacBook Pro) or MU-MIMO. Some newer devices are also starting to come out that support the full WiFi 6 standard.

    • Cox seems to be having intermittent service problems during peak hours, specifically at night. They haven't publicly addressed this in any of the many forum posts created about it.

  • This won't be helpful, but I'm 40-150 not sufficient for work? I've also been wfh since March, with 5 other people in the house working, meeting, schooling, testing, streaming video; and we all did just fine on 10-15 Mbps. We only had trouble when our service (through another company, not Cox) randomly dropped below 1.

    [Currently waiting for Cox to make 500 service work at my house, we'll see how legit their "free installation" is. And by no means are your results of 40-150 acceptable for Gig service. If that's the kind of results I get, we won't be here long.]

    Update, a tech arrived on schedule and quickly fixed our issue (our house wasn't even connected to Cox, so he had to make a couple of adjustments). So far, wirelessly, I'm typically 275-300 using SpeedTest, but have seen as high as 449 down. (This is within sight of the Panoramic modem, other parts of the house get less.)

    Upload consistently tests at 10, when it should be 30. Something wrong there, customer service tried but could not figure it out.

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    File a complaint with the FCC, if enough people do this we can hopefully get resolution.