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5 years ago

For over a week I have not been able to Access My Account RE: Online Billing and recent changes

I am still unable to view my Bill online or any of the services that may have been changed. I spoke with Technical Support, and Customer Service and Loyalty Representatives about 7 times over 4 days and no one is able to resolve the issues. My bill has gone up many times w/o reason, so I am concerned that it may be much higher than when I first called. The new website does not allow me to check my charges or services. While conveying this to a technical support member, he tried to check his own account while on the phone and he was unable to view his services. What can I do?

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    does not allow me to check my charges or services

    Where does it not allow you...logging in, navigating, timing out, etc?  What browser, cookie settings, errors, etc?