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6 years ago

Fiber Construction Time

I bought a home in a newly constructed subdivision. Cox is the exclusive internet provider for the subdivision. I was the first person to move in and Cox had not yet installed cables in the neighborhood at the time. They came out July 14th and started installing Fiber cables, they dug up the front yards and went throughout the entire neighborhood. They did a great job and fixed our yards and were done in about 2 weeks.

My question: How long until I can get actual service. I know there is work on the backend after the physical cable installation but does anyone know what the normal duration from construction to connectivity is for residents? 

Edit: I have called the support lines and they have numerous times told me they would fill out a "serviceability" form and then get back to me, but I never hear back. 


M. K. 

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  • On average I have seen it take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on the amount of construction needed (sometimes a little longer, but that doesn't happen too often).

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