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5 years ago

FCC Complaint

Someone please tell me who is lying.

Filed a complaint with the FCC while chatting with online support, forums, social media, phone, and cox customer care. Finally had to get a (2nd) tech to come to my house to be able to have the issue escalated to a 'Maintenance Problem' so that someone could check my wiring/node. The tech was amazing, said he escalated the issue since we already knew it wasn't anything he could handle and let me contact him personally to check in to see how the progress on my issue was going.

Conveniently, Cox responded to the FCC complaint saying that a maintenance tech came to my house the next day and removed a faulty piece of equipment. I think we all know this is impossible since it takes 7-10 days for that to go through and there was never a notice left on my door or email that a tech had come by, which I understand is protocol. The problems are still here, and may be even worse than before and I'm fairly certain there hasn't been a maintenance tech here.

I get that times are crazy right now, but all I've asked for is an update on when the node/wiring in my area can be updated so that I get what I'm paying for. It's been a month of emails and complaints through multiple mediums, and I think I'll be switching ISPs the second I get the chance.

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      Agree, but you'd think that their priority would be to update the people who are paying them money on a monthly basis. I've combed through tons of complaints just here on the forums of tons of people having similar issues to me in my area in southern California, Vegas, and Phoenix area and they give the same answer that something else must be going on.

      We know that nodes,wiring, and stuff can get outdated... we KNOW... now just let us know the plan of attack to get us all back up to speed (pun intended) on a consistent basis. Because everyone is streaming everything right now, I get my connection bogged down from 9am to 10pm or later every day.

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        Going through the same thing right now, but i think they would rather waste time and money than admitting something is wrong. Roll trucks and tell people your going to charge them $75...

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      I wish man, but the thing is once 5G comes out these kids will be out of business anyway.

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      Should be able to find someone to do a class action lawsuit. There is so much documentation it's not even funny. Cox is multi-billion dollar company, any tech attorney would take the case in a heartbeat. Hardly anyone is getting what they pay for, even prior to the pandemic.