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4 years ago

Failing network in West Chula Vista (packet loss, overcapacity)

Yesterday, a tech came out to confirm what I already suspected, my neighborhood's network is way over capacity. I am on Vance St near Fourth Ave, and I have an uncle nearby on Roosevelt, and we both have packet loss that fluctates between 10-40% (as tested on Speedtest, and confirmed with "ping"). This results in all kinds of terrible performance issues, including Alexa/echo devices that fail to respond, stuttering gameplay/streams, and voice calls where I can hear everyone else, but my voice is extremely choppy.

I understand that behavior has shifted in the last year and put unexpected strain on different parts of the network, but it has been a YEAR! Things just keep getting worse. It causes strife in my household when much of our smart-home is so unreliable, and it interferes with my ability to work from home when no one can understand when I speak!

It is disastrous that chat support tries to sell me gigablast as the cure for my problem, when that's what my uncle has and he is limited to the same terrible performance as me!

I feel trapped. I can't switch to another viable provider, and wireless in-home internet isn't quite available yet. I can promise, however, that the second another option becomes available, I will be switching, and sharing letters with everyone in the neighborhood encouraging them to do the same. Take us seriously, or one day you will become the dinosaur that no one needs or wants.

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    I apologize for the experience and would love the opportunity to investigate your concern. I completely understand your frustration with the internet. If you somehow find the willingness to email our team, please send your account details to

    Jonathan J
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