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5 years ago

Extreme packet loss while gaming/voip (San Diego, CA)

I would to post here before resorting to filing a complaint to the FCC, for the past few months now I've been experiencing extreme outbound packet loss while gaming. I've had no issues until a couple months ago, the packet loss was a small 4% while playing Fortnite. It has then since gotten much worse as now I get packet loss and stuttering in any game that I play online, even just being in a discord channel I get really bad connection quality and spiking. I've reformatted my hard drive, re-booted my modem countless times, I've always have had a wired connection, changed the coaxial cable that came with the router, changed the Ethernet cable that came with the router, upgraded the internet speed, tried almost everything to fix the problem and nothing has been helping. Every single game that I play that is multiplayer is affected by this packet loss and stuttering.

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    Same issue here buddy. I have been dealing with this sh1t for about 3-4 weeks now. Seems like its real bad during 3 - 8 pm. I cant even play online games any more.

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      been dealing with this for 3 years

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      Hi JR_L, I have reviewed the first traceroute and there does appear to be latency taking place on hop 12. This packet loss does not carry over to 13, hop 14 appears to be normally packet de-prioritization, and this does not carry over to hop 15. Can you please email us additional traceroutes to the gaming server at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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        Hello Kevin,

        I've emailed you 5 additional tracerts to My connection is still suffering from this issue

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    Same here, although not as bad as some but I am unable to play any game. That's 5am-6am this morning. Just imagine what it's like at 9pm 😥