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6 years ago

Excessive spam

Your spam filters don't work. I have been inundated with spam for the last few weeks, hundreds a day, I waste more time marking emails as spam than I do reading my actual emails. Why have the option of marking something as spam when you continue to get them? I thought if you marked something as spam you wouldn't get emails from that address anymore. Apparently that is not true. Please fix this. I am using webmail

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  • Hi Peggy8080, is the spam you are receiving related to the identity theft issue you reported in early November? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Hi Peggy8080, I suggest that you try to funnel as much of the spam as possible to the Spam folder by setting up Filter rules. Say you want to create a filter to block emails related to the Wall Street Journal. Within Webmail, click on the Setting icon, choose Settings, click on Inbox from the left-hand menu, and then click on Filter Rules. Click the blue "add new rule" button. Think of a name for your rule and type it in the "Rule name" box. For this example, I named the rule "WSJ." Click on "Add condition." The condition defines the what the rule is filtering. I chose "subject" and typed in "Wall Street." I want any email with the words "Wall Street" in the subject line to be automatically moved from the Inbox to the Spam folder. Click "Add action." The action is what you want the filter/rule to do with emails that meet these conditions. I chose "File into" and selected the Spam folder. Then click OK. You can add more than one condition, if you like; just be sure to change the drop-down option "Apply rule if all conditions are met" to "Apply rule if any condition is met." For example, I could add the condition that emails with "WSJ" in the subject line also get filed into the Spam Folder. Once you've chosen your conditions and actions, click the blue Save button at the bottom of the "create new rule" page. Let us know if you have any questions or issues! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator