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2 years ago

Excessive Intermittent upstream packet loss in the Gainesville Area.

I have an issue that stems outside of my lines and my equipment that especially happens when it rains.  This happens in Gainesville, FL about one to two blocks from where University Rd turns into Newberry Rd.

I was a tech for Xfinity for 4 years, I understand how to troubleshoot and identify an issue.  I have 0 loss to my router or modem.  All packet loss is completely upstream, and all outgoing packet loss, 0% of inbound packets that are received back are lost except what ever didn't make it to it's upstream destination. I have even tested with Cox issued equipment in the past with the exact same problem.

It happens in a wave pattern and I've tested it from other points around my area to find the exact same issues at the same times.

The loss can be anywhere from between 1-5% or 1-80% at it's worst in bursts.  If I'm idling and all packets are inbound, the problem doesn't really exist except for the small hits like website requests or whatever little is sent out while idling. If I'm working though, just as simple as connecting to a VPN is enough load to basically prevent it from working.  If I play a game, I see a nearly perfect wave pattern of about 5-60% loss back and forth non-stop until it's basically dry outside. This issue was present a few years ago and lasted about 1 year then got resolved only to be brought back with the recent hurricane.  

I have had numerous techs, and even when one makes it out while it's happening, they see the issue, clearly identify that it's something outside and not involved with me and they'll inform their supervisor. Phone advisors see packet loss in their tests over the phone. Then, nothing changes.  I can't work some days at all, I can't do almost anything on the internet, then I have to call and argue with retention to remove a charge for my bill because I had the audacity to call because I need this fixed.  But because the tech didn't fix anything, I'm gaslighted into trying to pay for a service tech for something completely out of my control.  I hope you can understand my frustration.  

Here are the signals

Here's three side by side visuals showing between my router, my modem, and the internet.  Left is to the internet, Cloudflare DNS.  Top right is to the Modem.  Bottom right is to the Router.  No loss or spikes to my equipment, all issues exist between modem and destination.  Again, an alternative modem has been tested.

Here's the waveform pattern for the packet loss. 

Here's running 300 packets per second until 3000 packets for an exaggerated visualization.  Red lines on the circle indicate loss. Keep in mind all these tests are at 0 consistently when it's working correctly.

The graphs are polling much higher than windows pings so you see a higher loss.  This is because when you have a wave pattern of packet loss and one ping a second instead of many per second, many of the pings are missing the pattern and so it doesn't show as high loss as when you poll say 144 times per second in some games and 300 per seconds in the exaggerated test later.

I am not here to harass anybody or be rude.  I just cannot keep calling out because even a sprinkle of rain in my area can cause me to not even be able to connect to a workplace VPN or even enjoy my hobbies.  It's excessive and frequent and I'm getting nowhere by calling and having techs and trying to explain to billing teams that it's not fair to have to pay even more money to attempt to fix something I've been struggling with for such a long time. I can only provide so much evidence and I am practically begging this to be investigated by an external technician. Please let me know what can be done to resolve this.

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    If you want Cox to take the issue semi seriously, try a informal FCC complaint. Other then that, keep having technicians out. Sounds like a bad tap to me if it's rain related, but I am no technician. Good luck.

  • Hello Tenfootgiant,

    I am truly sorry that you have been experiencing trouble with your internet service and have been having upstream packet loss. It sounds like you have been through so much! I can imagine how frustrating these issues can be, especially when it prevents you from enjoying your favorite hobbies. When you have a chance, can you email my team at with your name, address, and link to this thread? This will allow us to check the account, run some tests, and check for escalations that the technicians have sent.

    Tiffany R.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator