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6 years ago

Enhanced email obtained through Mozilla Firefox browser in Windows 10

I have been forced to use the Classic webmail program rather than the Enhanced webmail program for several years now, apparently as the result of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome not supporting the Flashplayer plugin, apparently required to access the Enhanced webmail program.  Several discussions with Cox Support were nonproductive.   When working through the fix screen in Cox email, I was routinely directed to download Flashplayer, and subsequently when connected to the Adobe Flashplayer site, I received the message that Flashplayer was bundled in Windows 10 and that I did not need to download Flashplayer to my computer.  I was prevented from downloading Flashplayer, in fact.  Flashplayer was not listed on my Windows 10 app list until I installed the Firefox browser which allowed me to download Flashplayer, which now appears on my Windows app screen.  I am now able to access Cox Enhanced webmail through Firefox which requests permission to use Flashplayer each time I attempt to open Enhanced webmail.  Really not a problem but could be fixed.  I also uninstalled Google Chrome before this, simply to verify that it was not interfering with Edge function.  I am not certain that this was of any value.  Unfortunately, I still can not access Cox Enhanced webmail through Edge.  So, if you like Cox Enhanced webmail, try downloading Mozilla Firefox and download Flashplayer from that browser.  Appears to have worked for me.

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    Following the announcement that Flashplayer would be retired in December, 2020, Adobe changed Flash to ask each time that it be allowed.  The Allow option was not retained from session to session.  However, with a little searching, a setting could be changed to permanently set the Allow option so that it did not have to be made with each use.  However, Adobe later removed this setting to ensure that users must now select Allow each time.  So, unfortunately, you will not be able to fix the need to allow Flash with each use. 

    To Adobe's credit, they gave everyone plenty of advanced notice that a change is coming.  Don't you wish all your vendors/providers would give advanced notice before making changes that affect large numbers of users? 

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    I have no issues with chrome and enhanced web mail I would suggest a chrome reinstall