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3 years ago

Email will not Send or Receive in Outlook

Seems to be a long-term intermittent problem.  Yes, I have been told by Cox Reps that they want out of the email hosting business. 

Today it's been a major pain.  Cellphone and iPad seem to be working with Cox emails just fine.  It's just the Desktop version of Outlook today.

Any suggestions other than remove and reinstall?  Heard that nonsense before and didn't fix anything and really frustrated me.

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  • First question is are you running under a VPN? If so, you may want to exclude outlook.exe from the VPN. PIA has a split tunnel window that allows you to bypass the VPN for a specified application. If you're not running a VPN, I would suggest going into Outlook and removing your Cox email account, then add it back. It's a pain because you lose a lot of setup, like junk sender lists. But I have recently (last few weeks) had to do just that in order to get my Outlook to send/receive using my Cox account. I did NOT have to change any of the server connection settings, but you might verify them against what Cox provides just to be sure. Hope this helps!