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3 months ago

email ownership

I am not very happy about the cox email moving to yahoo. cox customer support was useless in store and the 6 times i called them about my email not working. basically they could not tell me how to change the smtp and imap setting. after 4 hour of in person and both yahoo and cox phone help i did get one email working on one of my devices, 

now i have 3 laptops and 2 ipads and 2 iphones and 2 gaming desktops to change my email settings. i am not happy put it nicely. cox caused this problem , not me!!!

can i have a cox tech support person come to my house and change the email setting on all my devices. cox made the decision to change the email provider.  

also, if you log into the yahoo website, get ready for advertisements in your face. great choice cox, not!!

i have had this email since day one cox offered email. i was literally  1st day of . it was roadrunner prior. 30yrs ago. 

now for my revenge. 

EVERYONE, i talked to yahoo legal dept. yahoo owns the email now. 

you can leave cox and keep your email. i am no longer a hostage of cox comm. anymore. 

the group or individual who came up with plan to dump your email account did not think out the business plan. THIS IS A GIFT; you are longer a prisoner of cox comm. email hostage. 

this was the final straw, bad service, bad support, high prices.

soon to be deleted you the moderator. 

i hope this everyone gets this message.

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  • Hi Blindman. Check out as this will give you the settings for your devices. If you need further assistance regarding fixing the server settings, we will be glad to help. Please reach out to us on Twitter at CoxHelp via DM, visit us on Facebook via private message, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator