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4 years ago

Email keeps going to spam folder

Important email from one person keeps going to my spam folder.  A whitelist would solve this, but there is no whitelist on Cox email.  I keep clicking "This is not spam," but apparently the system doesn't learn.  This is really irritating as I keep missing important emails.  I chatted with Cox for help and was told that the ONLY way to get this fixed was to sign up for Cox Care at an additional $10/month.  Unbelievable.  Right now, I have spam filtering turned off so I can get all my email, which also means actual spam gets dumped in my inbox.  I have no blacklist, no blocked senders, no spam rules that could be causing this.  Really unimpressed with Cox's lack of concern about this. 

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  • Hi, I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing any issues with emails that are being detected as Spam. Are you using Cox Email online via Please feel free to reach out to us at Send us your complete home address, your first/last name, the name of the primary account holder, and the email address you are using to receive emails. You may also log in to your email account from our website by logging into your account at, My Account. We are here 24/7, thank you, Mike
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    You are not alone.  I also switched my Settings to send all mail to my Inbox. I manually delete the spam from there.  

    A third-party handles all email. It has definitely become a low-priority service. 

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      i leave it in the webmail spam folder, check when i come to the forum + my wifi for any intrusions..

      some are spam, some i move to the inbox.