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6 years ago

email filters

I am trying to set up an email filter,  but can't seem to figure out how to do it.   I am going to be receiving a large number of emails from a specific source, and want to have them sorted into their own folder.   Under the old email system,  which I still miss,  the action performed was  Move to  (folder name)   The option does not exist in this new system.   There is an action File into  (folder name)   which does create a copy in the new folder,  but it still leaves an original in my inbox.    The option Redirect to...  seems to be for forwarding email to another address.

How can I sort these messages into their own folder WITHOUT having duplicates in the Inbox ??

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    You can actually create a rule automatically from the inbox by moving one of the items in question. When prompted for the folder you wish to move the item to there is a check box you can use to also create a message rule to accomplish this task for all similar items.

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      That creates a sub-folder in the Inbox,  which File to (name) also did.   The problem was that it would create a duplicate message.   If I read or deleted from one folder, it still existed as unread in the other folder.  Funny thing is,  it seems to work fine on one of the secondary accounts from Cox.   I guess I will try again.

      Maybe next step try the Redirect to  and create a new secondary account just for those emails.

      Of course,  this all worked beautifully in the old version of Cox email.

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        Hi Dxd, I'm unable to duplicate what you have described. I created a Webmail rule to move emails from a specific address to an Inbox subfolder. Once moved, the emails exist only in the subfolder, not the Inbox and the subfolder. I suggest deleting the rules you have set up to this point and setting up a brand new rule. Let us know if you are successful! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator