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Download is fine upload drops to less than 1 daily and sometimes for most of the day.

This is an ongoing issue and has been for YEARS. I've had multiple techs come out some contractors some actual cox employees. Only 1 of them ever mentioned that he could find the problem (something down the line was going to be taken care of) Assuming never was since I never heard back from anyone and the issue persisted. I continue to be a customer even though my prices go up and I still have not had a resolution on why my upload is less than 1 for 70% of most days. I've Tried emailing and got no where I'm pretty sure my email chain which is about 6 reply's now is not even being read. From what I can gather all I can do now, is file an FCC complaint wait a month see what is said and then cancel my services. UPLOAD IS CURRENTLY 0.37 MBPS. 

Shout out to all the Customer support reps I've spoken with over the phone and on email too many to list and remember. but I will try.

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  • You cant file an FCC complaint where I live they aren't considered a telecom. I've tried! Oklahoma Corporation Commission wont do anything about it either.