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5 years ago

Do this if you are having packetloss

first go to gmail, or whatever you use, and email cox, using this email

Then do a traceroute to google, yahoo, and game server where you are getting packetloss, if you are having my issue, where the packetloss happens randomly when it does start giving packetloss open Ping Plotter download here

Take Screenshots if packetloss is there and send them to them via email.

I hope this helps you fix your packetloss.

I am in the process of fixing mine as we speak, hope it does get fixed.


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  • Been doing this for over a month (probably closer to half a year I’ve been complaining) and I’ve yet to seen resolution to this. They’ve sent a tech out and escalated my issue but I’ve yet to see a path to resolution or when they’re going to look at system.

    i think the major problem is an internal one with their system. Either bad routing or congestion issues. I’m sure I have bad infrastructure in my neighborhood as well.

    It **, I don’t have any other ISPs in my neighborhood that can give me decent speeds otherwise I would have jumped ship a while back.