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Do I need a 2nd Cox gateway router to setup and install my wireless ring home security system?

I'm going to put together a wireless security system for my house and wanted to make sure that I won't have any problematic problems with my internet connection and my home wireless system which communicates with an app for anything that needs to be alerted! I plan on using a base unit which controls the security system and that  base unit will be hard wired to the router, for it to use the internet, and then all devices will only have wireless connection to the base unit which is on a different protocol for a secured wireless security system in running/communicating with all the devices and base unit in a stand alone configuration.

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  • Hello Npalou,

    Only one Cable Modem can be provisioned on a Cox Residential account. You should be able to accomplish what you're looking to do while utilizing a single Gateway device.

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    different reason for me but i had to add a 2nd router to the combo panoramic unit run 2 older dell laptops.