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4 years ago

Disconnects Every 5m - 85615

Please see attached Connection Log. Something is wrong with my provisioning, or something with the way my modem is being programmed. I have traded out my modem THREE times. I have had Cox out to the house At least 3 times. I have spoken to an engineer. There is nothing wrong with the connection lines, there is nothing wrong with the modem. However, something is causing my modem to drop every 5 minutes, on the 1 and on the 6. It has been doing this for SIX WEEKS.

If I have a computer plugged directly into the modem the network card had to reconnect to the modem as the connection completely drops every 5m. This is the THIRD Modem that does this.

If I had any other options for High Speed Internet, I would be canceling my Internet and going with them. However, all the other options *** even more than Cox does. so I am stuck with a limp COX internet connection, in need to Internet Viagra.

I have yet another tech coming out tomorrow, but all they are going to do is look at the lines, determine it's not a line problem, and then close the ticket. AGAIN.

What does it take to get someone who has ownership of a problem and will see it through to the end?

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    Post your modem signals and logs. Let your modem run for at least 24 hours before posting logs. But if you have 3 modems that are all dropping Ethernet connection to the same computer, it might be the computer and not the modem.

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      Happens to every computer on the network, not just one. Had a Cox tech out Monday, they verified it was the account, and NOT a local hardware issue.

      We had two modems hooked up at the same time, mine continued to drop every 5m, the other did not. The second modem was provisioned to the same 300 that mine is. They hooked up a non-provisioned modem, and everything was fine, we could ping the cox local DNS Server without any issue... as soon as they move that modem over to my account and provisioned it... it started dropping every 5m just like the previous modem.

      The case has been escalated to "Atlanta".

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        We absolutely want to find a solution to the disconnects. Were you informed if you would receive a callback and was there a ticket number provided to you- following the technician's most recent appointment?

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