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5 years ago

Disconnection During Coronavirus

I  called on Wed bc I live in Vegas & was furloughed due to virus. I was on hold for 2 hrs so did online chat. I told them I needed extension till stimulus $ came as I was taking a pay cut w/ unemployment & need all that $ for supplies & rent. The person in chat said they were NOT turning off service during this. On Sat they turned off my service. I NEED my service so I can order supplies & file my weekly unemployment claim. So I had 2 pay bill 2 get it back on. Now Im gonna struggle to eat & pay rent. What happened to the post you have on your web site that says you are part of the FCC keep America connected program? Dont believe they hype apparently if you cant pay you still will be disconnected even after a customer service rep says you wont

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    I called them today (also Vegas where the casino I work at closed) because I got the email saying service would not be shut off, then another email saying it would. The representative told me that accounts are still being suspended for non payment and that the most I could do was delay it by 2 weeks, when I would need to pay the past due balance, late fees, and current charge in full. She even required me to give her my credit card information before adding the 2 week extension.

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