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4 years ago

Data usage patterns - running way over with little change in our patterns day to day

Meter showed 94GBs!! yesterday.  On the 4th we we are 85 with other days at 11GB. Makes no sense as i track our usage daily and have been since Jan and even recent days of 40-50cant be right.  ive spoken to upper tier techs and cox has no answers really, just guesses.  Something is wrong in how they tally as there is no way we drove 94GBs of use yesterday which is impossible

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  • Chris2213, the data usage meter reads the data downstream/upstream through your modem. Download the Cox app to view your data usage meter, information about your bill and internet connectivity status using your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Also, check out the additional information here: We're here 24/7 Thank you, Mike
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      I have a similar problem as well.  How do we see the exact numbers that make up the total for daily usage?  The daily usage is to vague and not helping me figure out why we have a spike when we have not had any changes in our usage patterns. 

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        it's not real time

        probably the whomever/s is/are using wifi are streaming all day!

        is your wifi encrypted??