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4 years ago

Data overage

Trying to figure out why my family's data usage has increased dramatically since November when we're not really doing anything different. Anyone else have an increase for unknown reason(s)?

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    Yeah mine increased by double for no reason and can’t get an answer as to why.

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      Advertisements can eat up a considerable quantity of data.  I found installing privacy badger on all of the browsers in my household reduced data usage by about 25%,  Mileage will vary depending on your usage mix.  Available here and in the browser store at no charge. 

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      Our bill jumped from $169 monthly to $269.  After installing the freakin wireless cable box.  COX is finding ways to screw customers by giving us products that make us consume more internet data usage.

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        Hi Acsantos96, I am sorry to hear that your data usage increased. Here is a link to our website with helpful information: We also have add-on data plans. including the unlimited option. I hope this helps.

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