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4 years ago

Data Caps in Rhode Island

I have seen on various Reddit threads that in Rhode Island and Virginia Cox does not have data caps on internet usage due to local competitors offering unlimited data.  In my neighborhood- Verizon offers unlimited data.

However- only the in-store agent seemed to think I would have unlimited data when I asked.  I was not convinced by his answer, I think he was just trying to keep me as a customer.  I have tried to look at pricing packages to see how much additional data would cost me, and these pages are unavailable (the load, but there is nothing on the page). Speaking with an agent, they have said there are no additional data packages for my area right now.  <- Is that because data is unlimited?

I can't seem to get a straight yes or no.  The other agent I chatted with answered with a blanket "All internet plans come with a 1.25 TB cap".  I would like to know is Cox Internet in the Rhode Island market area unlimited?

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