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3 years ago

Current issue with League of Legends (NA)

I'm asking support from both ends if there is an issue that I can not see as of right now as the problem isn't with my house or equipment. Are the nodes for Cox in NLVegas okay? At around the same time every day 6pm-8pm there seems to be some sort of strange lag with the game(I'm not sure when it ends, I end up too frustrated to continue playing). At first it didn't reveal itself on the in games ping, and it was strange micro lag, and now it's become visible through ping. The moment my ping leaves 57 and jumps around between 60-85. It hasn't yet revealed itself anywhere else, not while I'm streaming, not while nothing, but the game is happening. Still happening with or without any other devices connected. I'm wired in on my PC. This issue didn't happen until the most recent patch began happen. The season for the game just started so it could be there servers are taxed, but after the node issue I can't be super sure anymore of consistency with ISP. 

I've speed tested and ping plotter'd while in the middle of these things happening and nothing comes up so I can only really believe it's the game currently. Gonna be really frustrated if Riot Support tells me to do more junk just to tell me there servers are fine and to CHECK MY ISP.

There was maintenance done earlier this week in my area apparently, but the issue continues to persist so it's only really convincing me it's the game. Though a single time during one of these nights my entire net blipped out for a literal moment and immediately came back, but I assume the maintenance afterwards would've made sure that didn't happen again.

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    Been having the same issue and I'm located in Oklahoma City. I've been asking about it on reddit recently to see if anyone was having the issue as I thought it was a bug with the new patch, but it only started this last week so that didn't really make sense. After a few deleted threads there was one where a few people commented what ISP they had, low and behold they all had Cox internet. 

    If the issue persists luckily I live in the city and can just swap ISPs, but I know there are a lot of people who are stuck here, and I like Cox so it's an unfortunate position to be in and I hope someone at the company can see this problem and get to the bottom of it.

    this is the thread, it was deleted but the comments are still there:

    let me know if you figure out a solution, this problem cost me my clash tournament haha

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      Hi @Jordan152
      I know how important it is for you to be able to stream/game without interruption. Do you have any modem logs or traceroutes that you can provide?

      Ben S.
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  • Hi Mr. A,

    I understand how frustrating it must be when this ping issue happens, especially when it does not show anywhere else. Patches are meant to help with players issues. Are you able to roll back to a previous unpatched version of the game?

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
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    I've been having the same issue but mine is at 100+ ping spikes with massive packet lost and spikes. It is on cox side and not the game.. I have friends who have other isps with no issues.

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      Hi @ Raymoon2,

      We are here to help. Reach out to us anytime on via Facebook, or Twitter @coxhelp, or email us at with your full name and address.

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