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Cox: Unusually high data usage on your Cox unlimited Internet account. Action required before service is impacted...

I've gotten a couple voice calls and a text informing me my data usage is usually high.

I'm feeling kinda violated having to explain to Cox my data usage.

The only thing that changed over the last year is that I've started to uploaded allot of 4k video to GoPro and YouTube, overall download hardly changed.

I can't find any fine print regarding upload allocation, it seems to be a very vague threshold.

Anyone else have to deal with this before?

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      Unfortunately not, on the second voicemail the person left information that I had done a chat with a service rep, which I had done, via chat the service rep said to ignore the calls.  But on the second voicemail the rep said the person I chatted with was not properly informed.

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        left hand doesn't know what the right hand's doing!!

        fwiw, i've been with cox a long time, have never gotten any text messages/calls about going over limits of data package.

        perhaps there's a way to setup alerts about usage, i'm not familiar with.

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    So I finally spoke to a cox, it was the good neighbor department that was trying to contact me. Yeah literally that is the name of the department he said he was calling from.  It was kind of odd that he didn't do much to confirm the account other than I gave him my name.  I didn't give him any other information. He didn't ask for any other information.  But he did know information from a previous interaction. So I'm pretty sure he was legit, but maybe not? Anyway...

    He said if someone goes over 50 gigabytes upload a day it will get flagged to their department. user will get a call,  text ..  etc ..

      I Continually told him that I am extremely anoid about having to explain my data usage to cox.

    He seemed to be more interested in reading from a script about trying to find what could be using the data, like I don't know my own network. It felt like something similar to being told this is how to set the flashing clock in your microwave.

      He tried to tell me particular usage that I had done on a day but it didn't match the meter that is given on the web page.  He then explained oh there's a problem on our end.   I asked to speak to supervisor, of course one wasn't available.  I asked him to send me an email with the reasons explaining in an exact detail why they're trying to contact me. He then said maybe they didn't have my email. I reminded him they email me the bill every month so what is the problem? 

    I still have not received that email. I mean copy paste send, how hard could that be?

    I did tell him that maybe they should spend more effort on improving their network instead of hassling customers under the guise of "good neighbor" bs. But that's a waste of breath.

    I'm about to upload a load of 4K GoPro so I'll probably get a call again.

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    It's paid extra for the unlimited buffet but the manager complains you're eating too much of their unlimited buffet.  Go away!

    It doesn't matter if you up/down 50 GB or 500 GB because you pay for it...every month.  Cox already has policies for "consistent service" to customers so if Cox doesn't like your usage, Cox should change their policy.

     - Policy:  Cox limits Unlimited or Additional plans to specific service areas
     - Policy:  Cox can choke your Maximum Upload Speed to 10 Mbps " limited areas to support consistent service across customers during periods of sustained increased internet usage."

    Therefore, Cox can either remove your area...and lose money...or choke your up-speed.

    An unsupervised pinhead using faulty software in the Good Neighbor Department shouldn't be harassing you.  You're paying for the data.  Would this moron also contact subscribers not using enough of their Unlimited or Additional data plans?

    I certainly understand the grandmother trying to post pixs of her precious...(ugh)...but it's not the OP's responsibility to think of her.  It's the responsibility of Cox to think of her.