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5 years ago

Cox stating network overloaded, Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona

Wanting to check if anyone living in Scottsdale or Phoenix Arizona is having packet loss and line jitter issues like I am having. After about a week of playing around on the phone with tier 1 tech support and about 1,000 modem resets performed by them the issue is still here. I managed to get the executive escalations hotline number which finally got a tech out here. It just so happen the exact moment in time in which the tech arrived the modem power levels down stream where fine (which happens rarely) and the connection was clean. 10 minutes after he walked out the door it was back to extreme packet loss and line jitter with down stream bonded channels exceeding 8 DbmV on multiple channels, tons of correctable errors, and unreliable connection.

The tech that came to my house actually admitted the network was overloaded and over sold in my neighborhood which combined with everyone working from home now its just a fact of life to deal with. Two issues with that, the problem existed before all this and if the network is overloaded, why is not being upgraded? 

Has anyone ever been able to get Cox to resolve this issue for them completely or does it just take dropping them and going with another provider?

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    just report it to the FCC.  these guys at the top (managers/supervisors) are vultures.  they need a push from outside force to make them spit out the truth and compensate for our hard earn money.  we pay a hefty price for a service and when that service cannot be delivered then we, as customers, should be compensated.  Those who do not complain or seek out the problem with them are just getting their money eaten up by these vultures.  I am getting 10 Mbps most of the time when I pay for 150Mbps.  Can't even work from home or do anything else when it fluctuates like that.

    FCC link:

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      It's often difficult to win against big corps especially here in AZ.

      I can see them saying if you weren't satisfied with their services then you could have left and found a new provider.

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      Reported earlier this week. cox called today from a corporate office and have another tech coming out to my house tonight (already scheduled. second time this week) because apparently i have to urger this person to make a maintenance ticket to check the actual node.

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        lol worst experience i had with tech was actually centurylink (never again will i have centurylink)... internet was basically non existent.. like 1mbps up/dn and crazy ping/latency.. i checked everything inside tried other hardware ran all the tests etc etc before calling in.. then they argued with me for weeks saying it was in house issue but i refused to let them in cuz they were going to charge me for in house visits from tech like 100+ each visit lol

        finally they agreed no fees.

        1st tech came in then said he was going to his ttyck to get something and left instead..

        1. 2nd one came and spent awhile in the house testimg various stuff. i told him i tested everything and he agreed, couldnt find anything himself then says he hasan idea but had to run to his truck.. also left n never came back lol..
        2. 3rd tech came out.. i was telling him like i been saying a month its an outside line or something.. he webt outside for a while then came back and tested the data then tried to tell me it was fixed when there was literally no improvement lol.. he tried leaving but i toldhim bout prior techs and said i didnt want him leaving until he figures out the problem.. he said ok.. he said he was going to check the line again then he left n dissappearedl maoo.. this time tho he ended up leaving 100's of dollars of equipment in my house. i called care and told them wat happened.
        3.  she couldnt believe it.. she was bout to put meon hold to callthe tech to pick up his stuff but i told herno, hes not allowed back here.. i tod her i would give it to the next tech if he fixes it haha

        4th tech now.. cool guy.. climbed up the telephone pole n the whole thing was trashed from the weather.. relkaced a few wires or w.e and viola, 30mins was fixed.

        i woulda fixed my darn self but anything outside of the home is their responsibilty and i didnt want to be liable for anything.

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    I'm having the same issue down in the Chandler area and I just posted that after 3+ hrs of chat with support that they finally admitted they are having issues but not before trying to blame the whole situation on me and my equipment.

  • I found the main issue in trace routes with owned by Level 3 Communications. How do we resolve the issue with that part of the connection? 

  • Target Name:
    Date/Time: 3/25/2020 12:36:23 PM - 3/25/2020 12:46:23 PM

    Hop Sent PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [IP]
    1       98    0 1.22 3.34 1.55 READYSHARE []
    2       98    0 8.18 213.91 21.15 []
    3       98    0 9.05 183.14 24.28 []
    4       98    0 10.63 134.51 24.30 []
    5       98    27 10.75 292.73 23.57 []
    6       98    0 19.43 250.61 31.57 []
    7       98    0 22.67 203.94 34.14 []
    8       98    0 23.86 156.00 35.25 []
    9       98    0 22.23 114.09 33.42 []
    10     98    0 22.71 195.64 33.29 []
    11     98    0 23.50 145.25 32.20 []
    12     98    100 0 0 0 []

    I called L3 Communications and they said Cox needs to contact them to start a trouble ticket. How do you get that done?

  • I am having the same issues. My attempt with support resulted in them telling me that I have to replace my 7 month old modem. I would have switched months ago, except that CenturyLink only offers 40Mbps to my house.

    Support did say I am eligible for some special deal to upgrade to Gig and pay more monthly, to fix my issue. 

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      Upgrading to faster connection will not solve the issue. Your traffic will still travel through the same node and hops that Cox or one of there 3PL's operate which is where the problem is. 

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    im in phx area and dont have any issues in 8 years now. I got gigablast, latest docsis 3.1, probably 30 devicee connect at different times and speeds are connection is as good as its has been so far.

    I did hear they opened up all the cox hotspots around town for everyone to use.. good gesture and all but that could be adding to the troubles u are experiencing. But you say its been happening and apparently others r having similar problems so hopefully they get it fixed.

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      Its heavily depended on how many service lines are tied into your node Elliwigy. I had Cox service 3 years ago only two miles away from the house I live in now and I never had an issue. Then when I moved into this house now I quickly realized the node was over sold by Cox and could not support the number of accounts they had tied into it. Started the complaint processes for a fix about a year or two ago and still no avail. Finally did the FCC complaint which I am hoping will force a node split since my neighborhood ties into a node shared with an apartment complex that is pretty massive. That complex needs its own node just with the pure number of acconts in it. 

  • Also where are the forum bots asking me to email cox help for support? Everyone else having my same issue is getting bots responding to the post saying they would really love to look into the issue more.