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3 years ago

Cox Panoramic WIFI App not working

When I first downloaded the Panoramic wifi app every thing was working fine on the app.

Then we had some issues with the app saying Panoramic wifi offline.

Well.....updated the App on Google Play and the Panoramic Wifi offline changed to Online.

But in that process i have absolutely no controls on the app any more.They all disappeared.

The......Overview----Connect----People---More ---------tabs are gone.

The Advance Secrurity tab.......Gone.

Unistalled app and reinstalled......nothing!!

I have had Panoramis wifi for less than a week and seems like Ive been trying to fix something or another ever since.

Any thoughts on this issue??

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    I am sorry that you have been having trouble with the app. I want to make sure we are on the same page. From what I am reading you are still not seeing the tabs after you have uninstalled and the reinstalled the app? If not, please let us know what you see now.

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      That is tabs showing.All I get is the home page.When I click View Network Details.....It takes me right back to the home page.

      When I click the little profile icon in the upper left corner......same thing.....back to the home page.

      When I hit...Restart your Gateway.......back to the home page again.

      It is like the app won't connect to the router even though it did before.

      I can access the PC version of the Panoramic app on my PC and it shows me everything.

      But not on my phone app.

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      Yes......the browser version on my PC works fine

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        Probably a corrupt version on Google.  Any comments on this download site?  Where else can you download the app?