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Cox needs to check on what their sales Reps are telling customers.

When I called today about my downgrading problem listed elsewhere here, I was connected to a rep working from home, with his dog barking in the background. When I kept pursuing the cheapest price plan available, he offered a 10Mbps plan for $44/mo. BUT, he started warning me that if I tried streaming movies, I would somehow, and these are his exact words, "pull more data than my plan allows, resulting in penalty fees." (HUH???)

"But isn't the data cap around 1 TG (1000 gigabytes). I've only been averaging around half that. As long as I don't go over that..."

"No, that's different. Again, what I'm saying is if you stream a movie you will pull more data than this low speed allows and you'll be penalized. This plan is only for things like email."

At this point I was going to ask to speak to a supervisor to report him for LYING to me, but before I could, he said he was transferring me to "Retention" and then the line went dead. Attempting to call back, I got repeated messages of 'This call can not go through due to 'technical' problems." This went on for several minutes. It was then I used the online Chat to finally resolve my problem. (Thanks, Kristy.)

I realize sales reps get a commission, so that they are motivated to sell the more expensive plans, but for crying out loud. Purposely trying to deceive customers needs to be called out publicly. I guess working from home, he knows nobody else can hear him trying to BS me. He wouldn't be able to get away with that in an office with coworkers nearby.

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