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5 years ago

Cox limits bandwidth then blames 3rd party equipment for internet drops

I usually have trouble connecting to the net around 4 pm and up. Cox blames my 6-month old modem/router, and suggested for us to rent their equipment for around $10/month. I had my modem checked with the modem company, and they said it's good. So, what kind of proof cox can send us to actually justify their claim? Or they're just actually limiting our bandwidths, so we think that we need to quit streaming and get their expensive cable and rent their equipment?

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    Nothing wrong with your end when it was doing fine. Don't let them trick you getting a tech to come out cause i did that mistake. they were messing with my modem and decided it was my modem's problem. They will find the most ridiculous reason to charge you $75 dollars for a visit when they can't even fix the issue. There's a lot of us lately really.. so idk when they are going to sort this out or they are just not doing anything to make more money.

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    depending where you live, 4p equates to 6p on east coast & right in prime time.

    do you really think your modem mfg will admit to shortcomings in their equipment??

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    Nothing wrong with your stuff. They just want to steal 10 more bucks a month from you. It's all them and their horrid network.

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    @RUST, I am seeing a high number of power adjustments, and your signal levels are outside of our preferred specifications. Do you have a splitter in the home or an amplifier? Can you please also make sure none of the cables in your home are loose or damaged? If this does not resolve the issue, I strongly recommend sending out a service technician to your home to diagnose and correct the signal issues. To schedule a service appointment, please please reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator