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2 years ago

Cox Is Throttling My Twitch Stream, I Want A Refund. Maybe Class Action?

I see countless people on here complaining about Cox throttling their internet speeds on certain ports like they are doing to me now. I demand a refund for my service. It is unethical and illegal to advertise a service and then throttle it. I suggest that you stop these shady practices now. Consider this a strong warning from a citizen who will not put up with this.

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    Can you proof it is throttling and not congestion? Also, this is a user helping user forum. What point is your "warning"?

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    Like WMO stated, this is a Users supporting Users forum, kvetching here to Cox won't accomplish anything, nor will making veiled threats. Additionally, Cox doesn't throttle services. If you run some speedtests over a wired ethernet connection, and get good speeds, that's that. Most of the time, again like WMO stated, it's probably congestion.