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4 years ago

COX IP -- fix it!!

Cox - you need to fix your server ASAP.

I'm a Cox customer @ 5704 Wishing Coin CT, Las Vegas, NV, 89031. For weeks now, every single day the internet world is fine, except YOUR severs slow everything @ (image below). 
You have extreme ~10% PACKET LOSS every day, every night.  No one else does, the packet-loss occurs on COX's IP--proof below using PingPlotter Pro (.exe).

The People are accusing, to the FCC, that Cox is intentionally over-saturating their nodes and then bottle-necking traffic after taking customer's money.  THIS IS POSSIBLE EVIDENCE OF MALICIOUS PRACTICE BY COX.
IP needs maintenance immediately.
Please advise of the next steps to get this fixed.

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  • First, it's really important to understand that the only hop that matters in a traceroute is the destination. If the final hop (your target) is showing 0% packet loss and acceptable latency, then all the hops before that can show all kinds of errors and it doesn't matter. The packet loss in your PingPlotter results is most likely ICMP deprioritization. Some servers and routers down-prioritize ICMP echo requests. The traceroute hop that corresponds to a server down-prioritizing ICMP echo requests may show packet loss and/or latency. If the destination isn't affected in the final hop of the traceroute, all latency and packet loss in the earlier hops is an artifact of router configuration (or other device configuration) and is not a problem. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I had a moderator reply to my post, the link I posted with my pingplotter is from yesterday. There is packet loss at hop 2 and all the way down. He said its an outage in my area but this has been going on for 3 weeks. Any chance you can take a look. Thanks!

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        Hi Morgan1982. Is the PingPlotter you are sending from a hardwired connection? Please send a PingPlotter to the site that you are having the issues with from a hardwired connection. Using one of our servers for testing isn't useful as there is ICMP deprioritization. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    i can guarantee you it's not the only one.

    i don't have access to such a tool like pingplotter pro, but i get packet loss every day, randomly, all day and night.

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    That pinplotter isnt showing actual packet loss. The 7% loss would continue down the hops until the end. 

  • Hi NorthLVNV. The PingPlotter you sent was looked at and it has been deemed that this at hop 5, it is packet depriortization and therefore not an issue. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator