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2 months ago

COX INTERNET OUTAGE. (3+days) no explanation

cox no internet outage for 3+ days.  also )of course) no info   just apoligizing   We want information.  its all across country.  looks like a Cyber attack. wouldnt know They cant ever be open about ths.  What a joke these big companies are. we pay all this money every month and cant know what is going on. 

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    The past 2 months I've had more outages than ever with this service. 5 in the morning my service is fine, the second a cox tech comes down my road to a different house, now my internet down till another tech comes out.....and they wanna charge me for it. Like I don't give you enough of my income to be transparent or to just keep the service I pay for stable.

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    I know outages can be frustrating and am sorry to hear your service has been impacted like this. I know how important it is these days to remain reliably connected to the things you care about. and while we may not always have details we can share, I'll be happy to see what I can find out for you. Please know that any info available would be posted in the Cox app so be sure to check there! So I can locate your account and check your area please email your full name, complete street address and a link to your post.