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4 years ago

COX Internet Connections

I first began service from COX Communications 5 years ago after building a new home in Mesa Arizona.  It has been 5 years of hell with COX and their services.  First I learned that the builder of my home entered into an exclusive agreement with COX making them the only provider of internet and cable television services refusing competitors from running cable lines in this development.  Then I learned that the City of Mesa Arizona also had restrictions on cable companies on where they could provide service, there is only one cable company per region of Mesa, thus allowing monopiles in Mesa with cable television services.  So no competition no service COX tells me that if you don't like the service go someplace else and find another provider.

So for 5 years and countless service visits, equipment changes, rewiring my home etc., still have nothing but problems.  Oh I pay my $190.00 every month but I have never received the service I am paying for.  Now, once again, it is my internet service and as usual COX's only response was that I need to buy more service this time they sold me COX Complete Care for $10 a month.  The first time I called my COX Complete Care services they told me that they do not provide any support for service issues they are only there to assist with customers that need to scan their computers for virus.  Yeah for $120 a year their will help me go through the scanning of my laptop.  Thanks COX.

So because of a government supported monopoly I am stuck with COX and their non existent service.  Oh I still pay my bill and now I have to pay $10 more so it is now $200 a month so I can have help scanning my lap top for virus's.  I have to thanks the City of Mesa and the State of Arizona for their help in allowing COX to be a monopoly thanks guys I appreciate it. 

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    $120/year for av, there are several free av's available, i use/have use avg free for years without any issues.

    btw, it's not cox's problem that your builder signed an exclusive deal, talk to your builder!!