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Cox install contractors

I've had  cox Internet before  about 4 years ago, recently had it reinstalled. The coax line from the outisde box ran to front of the house the the coax jack going into the house to hookup into the modem.  Since then I've changed where my computer is located and where I put the modem. Now I want the coax jack to run to the back of my house to a back room. Do that I don't have to run coax through the attic.  I have a brick home. The original instal had no masonry drill bit to go through brick. Rescheduled another contractor and had a note put on the ticket that I have a brick home.  That contractor didn't bring a masonry bit.  He goes to buy one then tells me two hardware stores  didn't have them.  Third  contractor showed up. Not only did they NOT have a masonry bit.  But they didn't have drill.  Who goes to a job without a drill when your job will most likely have you using a drill. Cox has a serious problem with their contractors.  

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    I agree. Contractors are bad but I think like Tier 1 and outsourced chat it is a necessary evil. All ISP use them I think. IMO different contractor groups are better then others. It depends on the hiring practice, training and supervision.