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21 days ago

Cox Hotspot

I have been able to successfully connect to a mobile hotspot for awhile now, but, over the past few days, I have not been able to connect to it. 

The network, "Cox WiFi," still appears on the list of available networks. It also has three bars, indicating that there is a strong signal. Whenever I click on it to connect, it does not connect. The "waiting wheel" continues to spin.

I have tried "forgetting the network," connecting multiple devices to the network, and restarting all devices before trying to connect to the network again, but I have not been successful. 

I would greatly appreciate any troubleshooting tips, or for the hotspot to be fixed. Thank you!

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    File an FCC complaint. If tech support won't provide reasonable timely and accurate assistance it is by design. If a repair is too costly for cox they will blame your own hardware. They even shut of my local number as they have had extended outages here and won't provide any accurate honest information. They only care about profits regulations and fines. The complaint forces them to find resolution or risk fines.