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4 years ago

Cox Gigablast service, works after modem reset but daily gets limited to 10Mbps - must reset modem everyday to fix problem

I'm in Northwest Florida. My COX Gigablast service drops to 10MBps just about everyday. When it does, I reset the SB8200 cable modem and then things work fine. I wait a couplie minutes and then do a speed test. All is ok.  I need to know why this is occurring every day. Maybe my the signal to my modem isn't ok? 

I read in another post the COX tech had to come out do some testing and they found some issues. I think it would be wise to get a tech out to my house because we did have a storm come through since my original install. Maybe the storm did something to my local connection.


Andrew Schrack

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    Hi AHS,
    Please email us your full address at, and we can set up that technician for you.

    Ben S.
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