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5 years ago

Cox Gigablast is awful

I have had nothing but problems since "upgrading" to Gigablast. I have an AC5400x MU-MIMO Tri-Band Gaming Router and an ARRIS SB8200 modem. I am currently using Cox rented Panoramic modem because I was trying to troubleshoot my speeds (the modem was not the issue). I receive the same speeds using a Cox rented modem. Tonight I can't do anything on the internet because my download speed is at 10mbps...yup... ONE ZERO (10). 

Gigablast says speeds up to 980mbps download. I know I probably won't get near that but this is ridiculous. Since upgrading my speeds have consistently been between 100-480mbps. Even in the dead of night at 3-4am nothing higher than 500mbps. I am going to have a tech come out to my house and see what they say. If they say I'm receiving gigabit speeds from the street I'm going back to Cox's Ultimate package cause Gigablast is trash.

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    is this wired or wireless? can you post your modems signal page. not sure if ul matters to you but after they messed with plans recently if you switch plans your max ul you can get now is 10Mb. gigablast is the only plan with anything over 10.

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    just guessing but i'd imagine something wrong with your provided equipment, settings/setup.